Choosing The Right Toothbrush For Your Kids

It’s never to early to start taking proper care of your teeth. This is why it is vital that parents teach their children the importance of proper oral health, by ensuring that they begin brushing at an early age. However, one of the concerns for new parents is trying to find the toothbrush that is perfect for their child. After all, there are multiple stages of oral development to consider, as well as a variety of toothbrushes to choose from. In order to help you decide, here are some tips for choosing the right toothbrush for your kids.


The first thing that parents will want to consider about buying a child’s toothbrush is the overall size of the brush. There are two important factors to consider when looking at the size of the toothbrush, including the length of the head and the brush handle itself. The length of the head should not be the same size as an adult toothbrush. Instead, this needs to be much small in order to reach the smaller places in a child’s mouth. Keep in mind that larger toothbrush heads may also hurt your child when you are trying to brush their teeth, so smaller is typically better. You can find toothbrushes with smaller heads that are made specifically for children and even infants. The length of the brush handle is also important, as it will allow you to properly hold onto the toothbrush while brushing your child’s teeth. It’s important to find a toothbrush that has a long enough handle that you can easily hold onto, without it being too large to fit in the child’s mouth. Much like your average adult toothbrush, the handle of the child’s toothbrush is going to be much smaller.

Bristle Strength

The next factor to consider is going to be the strength of the bristles on the toothbrush. Adult toothbrushes have three standard strengths to choose from, which are soft, medium and hard. However, a child’s toothbrush should typically be purchased as soft or medium. Children’s gums are much more sensitive at such a young age, so it’s vital that parents do not do anything that will make the gums bleed or become very sore. As the child gets older and is able to brush teeth on their own, then parents can buy toothbrushes with stronger bristle heads to help them develop gum strength. But in the beginning, softer will be easier for the child.

Color and Look

It’s important to get children interested in brushing their teeth. One great way to do this is to give them a toothbrush that they are really interested in. There are a variety of different toothbrushes out there that have designs on them. Some are even have pictures or images of children’s movies or characters. If this will help your child brush more often and be more willing to brush, consider picking out a brush that you know they’ll love. Children’s oral healthcare should be started at an early age to develop great habits that they’ll keep with them for the remainder of their life. Don’t forget to start early and use the tips mentioned here for picking out the best toothbrush, and you can ensure that your child will understand the importance of proper oral hygiene.

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Dr. Ashlea Drakeford is a Dentist and owner of Your Dentist in Dallas. She is married with Sheldon for 9 years and she have a 7 years old twin boys. During her free time she loves to spend quality time with her family.


  1. The most difficult thing for us was getting our son to start brushing at all. He hated it, and it took weeks and a lot of patience. Then he somehow got into it, and now he has his own Sonicare for Kids.

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