How to make the most of your Degree in Dentistry


The importance of a healthy mouth need not be told. You can eat, drink, smile, talk, live, easily and painlessly, when your mouth is doing fine. This is the reason why oral care is given a prime position in every healthcare related issue. The one person we trust with our mouth more than ourselves is […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be A Nurse

why you should be a nurse

Building a career is a slow and incredibly expensive endeavor in this decade. Most college students walk out of college under crushing loads of debt and meager job prospects. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t just that the economy isn’t booming, it’s because students aren’t being brought into employable fields, and that education barriers of entry to […]

Top 6 Nursing Administration Positions

Top 6 Nursing Administration Positions

When someone thinks of a nurse, they think of the person that nurtures and takes care of them while visiting a hospital or clinic. There are multiple career paths a registered nurse can take ranging from midwife to certified anesthetist. Nurses can become overwhelmed having a wide array of choices, especially with the nationwide shortage […]

5 Health Science Careers Worth Pursuing

5 Health Science Careers Worth Pursuing

People often associate careers such as doctor and nurse with the medical and health fields, but there are a number of positions outside of these traditional roles that are essential to the operation of medical and health services. Of these career possibilities, there are five that stand out on the list. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Future […]

The Role of Administration in Healthcare

healthcare administration

When most of us hear the word “hospital” we think of doctors and nurses, working long hours to keep their patients alive. What we tend not to notice is the administrative nightmare inherent in providing specialized care to hundreds of patients with unique needs. While it might not look too different from any business administration […]

The Future of Nursing

future of nursing

Career Outlook There’s good news for Americans, we’re living longer. That’s even better news for nurses, as it means there will be an increase in demand for nurses in the coming years. In fact by 2022, the profession is expected to grow a whopping 19% while other top occupation growth is expected to reach 11%. […]

Top Health Informatics Salary

top health informatics salary

As of early 2014, most if not all medical facilities, especially those who receive Medicare and Medicaid funds, are required to have an electronic filing system of medical records across a wide range of settings. In order to maintain and meet these goals, there has been a rise in need for people who can manage, […]

The Top 5 Paying Nursing Positions

Nurses Standing Outside A Hospital

The notion that registered nurses (RNs) have achieved the pinnacle of their profession and earning power is untrue. Today’s nursing landscape offers a variety of advanced specializations, some of which offer the status of primary care provider. With doctors in increasingly short supply, advanced nursing specialists are becoming an important purveyor of health care. These […]